About The Artist

photo  of the artist in front of fall aspens


As a Southwest native, I had many opportunities to explore nature during my childhood. My parents took us on road trips to visit the Native American ruins of New Mexico, the majestic Arches of Utah, and the breathtaking mountains of Colorado. These experiences, along with many others, instilled in me a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around me. I came to understand my place within our larger ecosystem and the impact that we all have on it.

I'm incredibly passionate about technology and I actively build software products. It's fascinating how our civilization has progressed in mind-blowing ways while also reckoning with its destructive side. This duality has been a recurring theme in my photography musings. Just like an ecosystem, finding that delicate balance is key, and I genuinely believe we're finally taking aggressive steps towards it after witnessing the long-term consequences of the past 100 years. It's high time we made that shift, don't you think?


The Mission

For this reason I decided to give back to organizations that are making a larger difference. There are so many wonderful teams out there working on projects that deserve our attention so we can keep working towards a more sustainable future. Some of these organizations that rewild old mining sites, veterans who help protect wildlife, and Native American tribes restoring Bison.

Your Contribution

You get to contribute to conservation groups making a difference and have beautiful artwork in your home. Sounds like a win win to me. So find the perfect Landscape or Wildlife print or add some of your personality to your life with one of our Custom Stickers and protect wildlife and conserve land across the globe.

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