Preserving Nature's Wonders: A Closer Look at Mossy Earth's Conservation Efforts

Preserving Nature's Wonders: A Closer Look at Mossy Earth's Conservation Efforts

As nature enthusiasts, we are often in awe of the breathtaking beauty of wildlife and landscapes. However, with the increasing threat of environmental degradation and climate change, preserving these wonders has become more crucial than ever. That's where Mossy Earth comes in, a pioneering company that combines photography, conservation, and community engagement to protect our planet's precious resources.

Who is Mossy Earth?

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise founded in 2017 by a group of nature lovers, photographers, and conservationists. Based in Europe, they work on various projects around the world with the aim of restoring and conserving habitats, protecting endangered species, and mitigating climate change. They use innovative approaches, including rewilding, reforestation, and ecosystem restoration, to bring about positive change in the natural world.

What Does Mossy Earth Do?

Mossy Earth collaborates with local organizations, experts, and communities to implement conservation projects that have a meaningful impact. Their projects include rewilding initiatives to restore degraded ecosystems, reforestation efforts to plant native trees and promote biodiversity, and habitat restoration projects for endangered species. They also work on environmental education and community engagement programs to raise awareness and inspire action for nature conservation.

Successes of Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth has achieved significant successes in their conservation efforts. One of their notable projects is the rewilding of the Côa Valley in Portugal, where they restored a 400-hectare area by removing invasive species, re-introducing native plants, and implementing sustainable grazing practices. This project has led to the recovery of the natural ecosystem and the return of several endangered species, such as the Iberian ibex and the black vulture.

Another remarkable accomplishment is their reforestation project in the Scottish Highlands, where they have planted over 100,000 native trees in partnership with local communities. This initiative has helped to restore the Caledonian Forest, a vital habitat for endangered species like the red squirrel and the capercaillie, while also sequestering carbon and mitigating climate change.

How Can You Support Mossy Earth?

If you are passionate about wildlife and landscape conservation, there are several ways you can support Mossy Earth and contribute to their mission:

  1. Donate: Mossy Earth relies on donations to fund their conservation projects. You can make a one-time or recurring donation on their website ( to support their initiatives and make a positive impact on nature.

  2. Become a Member: You can also become a Mossy Earth member and contribute on a regular basis to help fund their ongoing projects. Members receive exclusive benefits, such as access to their photography courses and discounts on their merchandise.

  3. Volunteer: Mossy Earth occasionally organizes volunteer opportunities for hands-on conservation work, such as tree planting and habitat restoration. Keep an eye on their website and social media for updates on volunteer opportunities.

  4. Spread the Word: Help raise awareness about Mossy Earth's conservation efforts by sharing their website ( and social media profiles (, with your friends and followers. You can also share their inspiring stories and stunning photographs to inspire others to support nature conservation.

Mossy Earth is a pioneering company that combines photography, conservation, and community engagement to protect wildlife and landscapes around the world. Through their innovative projects, they have achieved significant successes in rewilding, reforestation, and ecosystem restoration. By supporting Mossy Earth through donations, membership, volunteering, and spreading the word, you can be part of their mission to preserve wildlife and landscapes around the world.

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